Nature thread

Spent a few weeks at the in-laws recently. Some locals dropped in from time to time inc this one -

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One nice thing about Hawaii, no snakes.

They go ape shit around here when one is found.

They wouldn’t be too fond of this one then. I’ve personally seen them even larger, especially the one climbing up a hillside in the foothills of Mt Warning, which is not far from where this one is in SE Qld.

They tend to favour rainforest areas. If a town or village is near a rainforest then typically the presence of a boa becomes suspected when small pet dogs go missing at night. The boa comes into town at night hunting around the houses, in ceilings sometimes, sometimes waiting for Spot to come into the back yard to take his late night piss…

Note: It’s in the video at top of page

The missus relo holding one of the cuddly little buggers

Pro snake catcher removes two pythons from ceiling

Ah, called a “carpet” snake because it’s the size of a rolled up carpet!

I know which one I’d prefer draped over my shoulders.

Few years back the guy who repainted our bathroom said he knew a guy who had one as a pet and it killed him.

If I had one as a pet I’d also be showering with hunting knifes strapped to multiple limbs!

Maybe a battery powered chainsaw would be a good investment as well

I’m thinking of campaigning for a wall to be built around Australia. You know it’s right guys.

[ Only in Australia will you see a 5 metre long Carpet Snake in the subu... | AUSTRALIA | TikTok ]

Any pets missing in that area??