2023 Celebrity SADS

Note the sheer number of “unknown cause” deaths and many of those 40 years or so short of average life expectancy. One death is listed as covid 19.

Unknown causes? Many of those 40 years short of average life expectancy?

There were 30 deaths from unknown causes. Well, if you define unknown as anything The Sun doesn’t know.

19 of them were 60 or older.

Only 3 were under 40.

Those 3 cases link to articles that say:

Majors was residing at a homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles where he was featured in the Los Angeles Daily News, Variety reported.

In a statement, Austin’s family told the outlet he "was a loving, artistic, brilliant, and kind human being.

“Austin took great joy and pride in his acting career,” the statement continued.

A source reportedly told the outlet that there is no suspected foul play, but he may have ingested a fatal dose of fentanyl.


Shacare Terry, mom of a two-year-old, couldn’t afford the prices of the procedure in the United States, so decided to travel to the Dominican Republic to move forward with it.

However, she immediately had complications after the procedure, and was tragically in a body bag days later, ABC affiliate WRTV reported.

“So that’s where the experience of the plastic surgeon is very important,” Dr. Shafer said.


EUPHORIA star Angus Cloud allegedly struggled with drug addiction before he unexpectedly died at 25, his former manager has said.

Ex-talent manager Diomi Cordero said he helped get the actor back on his feet when they met in rehab, but drug-abusing friends threatened his client’s sobriety.

Maybe not so unknown?

Unknown causes + short (unspecified) illnesses is more.

More still when adding the cardiovascular events. Even more when not making a hard cut-off since @morgo did say “40 years or so short”.

I wonder what the population of Celebrity Town would be if it was an actual place?

Cool story bro.

Needs more dragons.