4th of July

I’ll see family and such, just because. But things don’t feel independent here. The elections are rigged. The media is propaganda. Social media is censored and twisted by bots. Taxes are used for purposes against the will of the people, and national debt is through the roof. Our government in one way or another unleashed a bio-weapon on the world. And they have been sponsoring another senseless foreign war rather than working with countries to solve problems through diplomacy. And these acts have caused world inflation that is getting worse with time. We the people aren’t represented by our government. Call me crazy, but it doesn’t seem like a time for celebration of independence. We aren’t independent.

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Hang in there Brainio, we’ve been through much worse.

I remember how the late 60’s and early 70’s seemed like the country was tearing itself apart, but we made it through that.

We’re suffering PTSD as a result of how our incompetent and corrupt government handled the whole Covid thing. It too shall pass.

Hopefully the lesson learned is the dependence we need to focus on is the dependence on ourselves and those close to us, not the bozos we’re forced to vote for every two years.

Stand strong against the storm. Don’t let the ad revenue whores in the media and tech companies shape your opinion of where this country is at. Put down your devices and go out and talk to people. Look them in the eye and know that when it’s all said and done, they’re really not that much different than you or I.

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I dunno Toleolu
Seems much worse than the 60s
They’re maybe more divided now than ever

You didn’t have a $30 trillion debt and hyperinflation knocking on the door
Plus you still had a large manufacturing base then, with ample resources
And families could exist on one wage still

From the outside it looks like you have officials and corporations actively trying to implode your economy and society,
and a media gaslighting the public.

I can see where someone can come to the same conclusion, but in the same way that Covid was hyped to be worse than it really was, the problems we’re facing here in the US are no different. As is usually the case, what’s dominating the news is what’s going on with the small minorities of the extreme left and right. Don’t forget there’s over 300 million people in this country, if half of them were as pissed off as those on the fringes who are making all the noise, things would be a lot worse.

I have yet to see anything to change my opinion that the vast majority of people out there are good decent people who left to their own devices, can be counted on to do the right thing. You just don’t hear about them because that’s not the kind of stuff that attracts clicks and eyeballs.

The way I read it is the difference now is that the ‘govt’ doesn’t need the support of those 300 million decent people. The US is run by a branch office of the NWO. There’s a ‘President’ whose family has enough form to be jailed for several lifetimes but is protected by his compliance, same with Gates and his 36 Pedo Island trips. While some father gets tossed in the can for complaining to a school board about his daughter getting raped by a ‘tranny’ who was allowed to use the female toilet block, and was merely transferred to another school as punishment for the crime. Would that have happened previous to this era?

Yous are tenants in your own country, I’m not saying it’s better here, too many apparatchiks who sold out, enriching and further emboldening the NWO. Most of these apparatchiks are nothing but villainous peasant minded fools who think half a million bucks of graft means they’re playas when only cheap whores sell out their own citizens, no matter how much money.

The majority aren’t affiliated with any party and don’t vote, and for good reason.

No, they are not.

Hmm. Frustration with the stupidity and corruption of people in government seems to be matched by the stupidity and corruption of people in business, military, churches, universities, big-pharm, insurance companies, medicine, faux-science, faux-politics, faux-media, faux-AI and faux-music.

Those looking for corruption to blame should not stop at one obvious place. The worship of money and lobotomized simplicity is like a huge rainforest growing like greed eager to replace life on earth with greenbacks and memes.

But yeah. Point fingers.