A new lyrics thread

This place needs some sprucing up, or leveling down, as it were.

Less I missed the memo of an existing one or lost the brain cells to remember it.

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Drinking and random…

I was gonna
But then I oughta
I need to buya
Before I playa
I was feelin
But then I sorta
It was reelin
But it was kinda
Think it needsa
'For it rolla
I was sleepin
Oven bakin
Had a dreama
On the taker
We was steelin
In the backa
It was betta
With a cracka
I was drinkin
Eva thinkin
It was stinkin
What to saya

Yea, well of course, fuck me in the toenail.

/ end thread

I’ve always found it interesting how people go over poems by known absynth/opium/cocaine munchers to find deep meaning in them with a sober mind when they were written while completely wasted. I remember reading that the OK Computer album lyrics were just thrown together and even knowing this they feel pretty deep when listening to them.

So I think when @morgon says about ambiguity is spot on, it’s all about the perception of the listener. It sort of doesn’t matter if you take a year of musing or 20 minutes, although that’s not a very romantic view.

It’s a funny thought, that something written while completely smashed at the end of some bar in the middle of Wales would be combed over in a hundred or so years by generations of school chidren and written about in exams. There’s a bit of Bill and Ted about that. :slight_smile:

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Totally useful. Very musical.

I’m envisaging a cool pwr chord riff would go well with that lyric. There’s many options of course.