A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

S’up? :grin:

Syd! How ya been?

A fine idea, Garrick, thanks, it’s good to blow off a little steam once in a while and apparently the Reaper forum is not gonna be the place for that any more. Which to me is understandable and fully within their rights, but nice to have the option. Funny though, most everyone is being so low key, you’d not guess these are the people that got thrown out of the party. :stuck_out_tongue: Where’s all the hot takes?

Posting uncomfortable truths is too much for SJW crowd. I cant believe they havent just banned covid19 for hurting their fefes, it could all be over quickly if they just outlawed it, :grinning:

Welcome to convict island Fred.

Great to have you here

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Hiya Fred, welcome aboard! :grin:

there was a limit of 300 seconds
50 thousand seconds should do it :slight_smile:

This forum software really likes its rules
stupid forum software

:grinning: Yup, that’s it. Although if anything seems a bit too cautious around here.

G., IIRC you suggested in another post a name change, another fine idea, why carry the baggage. Probably best done quickly too, since part of the URL etc. Mos Eisley might be a little SW fanboyish and or IP infringing, but you could do worse than the Cantina, which is actually what brought the reference to mind.

like it. I’m a big Star Wars fan


are all up for grabs

Hate to see Lucas send the Stormlawyers after ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

garrickscantina? hey credit where due…
etc etc.

But yah cool glad you like. Maybe put it up for a vote?

Ha yeah, he would too the bastard


audiolounge.space is going

I got audiolounge.space

Thanks for the hurry up S

No fuck it
you live once.
Time for a poll as Fred suggested.

We can add and subtract until we get it down to 3 or four

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I really liked the moseisley idea.
of course all the domains have gone.
But would Disney send drones if I put a Z instead?

AFAIK cantina is just a Spanish word, but Mos Eisley exists nowhere outside of Diz-knee-land (yah, right GL sold out yah? So even worse, Mickey and Minnie are famously and viciously litigious.) :stuck_out_tongue: So sadly I’d guess that to be the least safe option although I can’t imagine anyone really giving a rat’s arse.

Hey Fred you will need to vote again as I had to change thecantina.com
to thecantina.space