Access to publicly funded research

Academic journals will have to provide immediate access to papers that are publicly funded, providing a big win for advocates of open research and ending a policy that had allowed publishers to keep publications behind a paywall for a year, according to a White House directive announced on Thursday.

Seems logical but also rather pointless considering the amount of wholly publicly funded research vs the vast majority. There’s always Sci-Hub where we can find publications, the full text of which can still be behind paywalls elsewhere after 60 years.

How about if research is published that could be used to influence any part of public policy or purchasing then it’s open access? Data too, freely available online and not by request.

I think it’s an important step. Lots of research funded by the government covers things that are important, that private institutions have no profit incentive to pursue.

If every piece of research that any public money touched in any way was completely open sourced then it would be an important first step. This will not be anywhere near that, but it’s still a step, albeit in a controlled direction.

They are just trying to address polls showing increased mistrust in science and authority after the lie festival of they took full part in over the last couple of years.

I still think that having immediate free access to results of billions of dollars of government funded research is important.

People already mostly have that through Sci-Hub, which covers privately funded research too and isn’t limited to the US. I wouldn’t get your hopes up with how much research is really up for discussion since PPPs are common and indirect funding via NGOs is a thing too. It’s all very messy.

But it is a good PR move from President Blinken (sic).

That covers illegal reproduction of copyrighted material.

It shouldn’t be necessary.

At least now the 5 billion a year the US government spends on cancer research, will result in information that other researchers can access immediately without having to come up with money, or waiting for a year.

I agree that it shouldn’t be necessary, but it is and this announcement doesn’t change that.

It does for the research that is conducted by government agencies.

And they’ve spent billions.

100% funded by government agencies. That’s probably one of the caveats, and a government agency gets for £1bn what somebody else gets for £100m, even when that somebody else adds the wages and expenses of everybody and cost of all infrastructure, including those for unrelated projects, lumping them together and then “investing” at some start date in the distant past at some spiffing rate of return to get the aCtUaL cOsT.

I guess it’s a good idea.

But it does bring to mind a question I had from our conversation the other day. And I ask this to others here who don’t live in the US as well.

Why does who the President of the US is matter to you?

Not trolling, just curious how our politics affect your lives. And not from the standpoint of all the shitty stuff we’ve done around the globe, but from how it affects your daily lives.


War. War, destabilisation and seeding/funding of various intelligence and cultural influences around the globe. Admittedly there have been no angels, but some entourages are worse than others.

People here on this forum were saying a vote for the Blinken/Harris regime was a vote for war and we not only have a war in Ukraine that was pushed for by the newly empowered NATO apparatus, but a war which should have ended if Boris/Blinken hadn’t intervened and told Ukraine that security guarantees would not be made if they conceded any ground there. Now we have US warships next to China in a previously stable situation. More military action in Syria, more meddling in Africa. As predicted!

Re daily lives, prices of stuff for one. I’m in the UK so ‘we’ definitely share the blame, but think of all of the anti-Muslim/terrorist fervour there was which got replaced with the Next Fear Thing etc etc.

If anti-war diplomats like Jeremy Corbyn and Tulsi Gabbard got into office, things would be different.

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Yep, and the ANZUS treaty automatically commits Australia and NZ military to any direct war ‘police action’ that the US has entered into.

But not only that, there’s a cultural affinity that’s not merely about politics. Generally US people feel comfortable in Australia because it’s not very different to what they’re used to Stateside with services, infrastructure, law and order etc.

Haven’t met any ‘Americans’ in the recent era, seems they tend to identify as Canadians these days when abroad, there’s no need to do that here though. At least not when not among the Uni student ‘woke’ mob they’re among the older and/or wiser.

And we’re sharing the same problems at corporate/executive level and need to have each other’s backs, inc Canada, UK etc

Having said that, I also don’t view China, Russia, or India as foes whatsoever. Those places don’t have nearly the problems the ‘West’ has at the moment, despite the population pressures in China and India.

Convince me otherwise.

“If they weren’t such a bunch of drunks, the Irish would rule the world” - Tim Allen

Yep, a pity that :smile:

Note that Biden is a Zio neocon puppet trading on the hard earned reputation of the Irish whom Biden is shitting over at the behest of his masters, FJB

He’s a pedo degenerate who has not only a total pass from ZOG but full encouragement so zio shills can point to some dumb old white cunt as a scapegoat.

Put Nadler, Shumer or Schff in place of Biden so the dumfuks can see who’s really fucking things up running things.

Does it?

When hasn’t it?

OK, maybe quoting the relevant sections would be useful.

Pretty much what I thought, at least so far. And pretty much in keeping with what I say about how we’re all really not that much different.

Outside of war, the bozo sitting in the Oval Office has had little to no affect on my daily life. Presidents get too much credit when things are good, and too much blame when things are bad. And the truth of the matter is that they have very little, if anything, to do with the good and bad times. It’s always a result of many things, most of which are beyond their control, coming together at certain points in time, that account for the good as well as the bad times.

Makes me scratch my head and wonder why we get all twisty nickered over them to begin with.

It depends, depending on how the electorate has been groomed and how hawkish the current government is (in whatever country) we can see things like uber-lockdowns or whatever vs more reasoned steps being taken. Worst case scenario is a big majority for some globalist quisling.