Aerodrums 2 coming soon

It was announced the other day, existing customers are getting the chance of a pre-order (deposit only).

There’s no webpage as far as I can see, this is from the email:

Even more expressive - Tracking is now faster, more accurate, in full 3D, and covers a wider volume. This means Aerodrums 2’s expressiveness is only rivalled by top-end e-drums models.

No computer needed - Set up in seconds. Just plug your headphones and play. Aerodrums 2 comes with an interactive app for your mobile, tablet, PC or VR headset, but it is not required to play.

Learn and improve - Aerodrums 2 features lessons from beginner to advanced, so players of all skill levels can hone their playing.

Play anywhere - Aerodrums 2 uses infrared light, so you can play in brightly lit environments. Even on stage.

Sounds like it’s going to be good. Being an all in one unit with built-in camera, computer, DA, USB MIDI etc it’s going to be quite a bit more expensive. No idea how much though.

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Another update:

Today I thought we’d get technical about the specs behind the product. We’ve been hard at work to ensure the Aerodrums 2 is professional grade and intuitive for any level of experience. We believe the next iteration of the Aerodrums design will push air drumming to new levels, and we’re excited to deliver them to you.

The Specifications

  • Standalone music instrument that can be used without a computer or WiFi.
  • Easy setup thanks to laser dots projected on the floor to indicate where you should sit.
  • Bluetooth streaming and aux-in make it simple to play along to your favourite music.
  • USB-MIDI support for easy connection to any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as GarageBand or Logic Pro.
  • Full 3D tracking within a wide volume allowing for very large drum kits and fluid visualization of your drum sticks and feet.
  • High-speed, infrared sensor built to work in brightly lit environments.
  • Detachable drum stick markers designed for flexibility, ease of storage and transport.
  • Drum stick orientation tracking and mixed reality mode on Meta Quest VR devices.

Interesting, to say the least. Presumably prices will adjust downwards somewhat in the near future now the R&D is in and those who can easily afford it [or simply couldn’t resist] will have already purchased.

I really favour this bc it’s obviously good for musicianship and physical coordination generally and it’s a lot of fun! A great thing too for kids to substitute for video gaming at least some of the time ime.

And of course volume control makes it acceptable where acoustic drums aren’t.

The original Aerodrums are great, but the bright light and having to play without any sunlight hitting anywhere are a PITA. Some Russian guy was selling an infra red mod for it for a while the last I checked.

But this new thing seems to address everything, including not having to have a computer attached. It’s kind of nuts.

@drumphil, have you ever had a shot of Aerodrums?

So it’s announced now… they are doing this through a Kickstarter:

Aerodrums 2: a New Way to Drum, from Home to the Stage by Aerodrums — Kickstarter

The expected RRP seems a tad high, but it should come down to roughly the Kickstarter price over time and with retail discount.