No, I don’t mean Mexicans trying to cross the border.

This is actually about music.

Tomorrow morning we have another session for the Academy of Scoring Arts, this time focusing on the wonderful music by James Horner for the classic sci-fi horror Aliens. I did a midi mockup of the first cue, Main Title.

Join us tomorrow morning, 10 am to noon PST.

And if you are so inclined, join the ASMAC for a special masterclass by Chris Young right after.

This is going to be a great weekend.

Hope you have fun at it, it does sound interesting. It might have elements of poetic over-analysis though, where a part where Horner’s cat sat on his piano is analyzed for it’s inspired inharmonic complexity and genius juxtaposition. :smiley:

Tomorrow morning from 10 am to noon is Part II - we’re going to look at a couple of more cues. I prepared a mockup of 9AM1, Ripley’s Rescue. A very energetic action scene with lots of percussion, fast string runs, etc.