Alyssa Milano dumps Musk for Hitler.

Has been actress goes on Twitter to boost her woke credentials saying she traded in her Tesla for a Volkswagen EV.

It was quickly pointed out to her that Volkswagen was started by Hitler and the Nazis.

Oops!! :grinning:

So brave of her.

But what does Tony think?

I drive a VW Caddy lol
Such a great muso van

Remember when these celebs were posting gushingly about owning a Tesla?

VW has made some good stuff. The classic bugs and micro busses, later vans.

By the way, I thought Opel was made for the Nazis, not VW. Guess I’ll have to look that up.

Mine is a diesel that gets me close to 800k’s per tank,
i fill up every 6 weeks or so
Had it over ten years now
It’s such a trooper
Pretty much only serviced it every 18 months (they call it long-life servicing),
Blew a turbo hose off and had an alternator die, that’s about it

Can gig with it, move shit with it,
and it drives and parks like a small car

I got only good things to say about this model

Has nothing to do with the cars. It’s the virtue signaling from people who have no clue.

Reminds me of something I read about employees at an outdoor wear company refusing to let an oil company sponsor some event they were putting on, saying they didn’t want their company associated with oil.

Only problem was all the synthetic material they use in their clothing is made from oil.

Clueless goobers!! :grinning:

yeah, we get that

I’ve only ever owned volkswagen. Great cars.

I had a huge crush for Alyssa on Charmed

That liberal woke shit she’s on now makes her ugly
and she says the dumbest shit now

I think most of the Hollywood has beens post that shit hoping some producer or director will see it and offer them an audition for a movie or tv show.

I also think most of the woke shit you see on social media isn’t what the posters believe privately, they just want to fit in with the group. Scared to death that someone in another state or country they don’t even know will not like them.

Seems like a sad, lonely, way to live.

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