Another reason to bring our troops home.

Lot’s of stuff in the news in the last couple of years about all the woke stuff going on with the US Military. I don’t know how much of it is true, but it reminds of when I joined the Navy back in 72.

Like now, they were having trouble filling their quotas because of Viet Nam. Some of the things they did was to allow sailors to grow beards, and you could let your hair grow a little longer. No more white walls around the ears, and your hair could touch your collar in the back.

Bring the troops home, and then offer free 4 year college at a state college or university, with the college and universities footing the bill as a condition of continuing to ride the student loan gravy train.

I thought military service got you free higher education in the US of A already?

It use to.

They gutted a lot of the GI Bill since my time. I think they cover 36 months of in state tuition at a state college or university, less if you go to a private university. Then I think there’s a stipend for books and such. I remember reading they had a savings plan some time back where you did a payroll deduction of X dollars and then the government would match it. Something like that.

Still a pretty good deal given the kind of debt these kids are accumulating. A friend of mine has a son starting school next year at Oregon. 65K per semester year.


That’s nuts, unis over here charge a lot more for students from abroad but it’s nowhere near that.

I’ve always thought that system is bribing poor people to potentially use their lives as a down payment for an education. Those inflated prices must make it seem like it’s a better deal than it really is.