Anti-Procrastination League: Shitty First Drafts

Sometimes takes me several drafts to get to the first one…

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Doing it right the first time sure has a bad rep. Why is that?

Well, I wish. I usually start the recording process without knowing what’s gonna happen beyond a few chords/notes.

Then it all goes bad from there and gets worse before it gets better, IF it gets better.

First time around is pretty hard to pull off. I think it probably involves a lot more skill and luck.

I get you guys, but one example: When I sing and play a new song for the first time I usually feel glad that it works, like, the melody sounds good. Then I start to pick it apart and I may find that some of those notes are beyond my vocal range. And the struggle begins. Transpose the key or change the melody? How come I could hit the notes the first time, without feeling strained? True story, happened more than once.

I’ve painted myself into a corner with one of me latest wip. I’ve already done the elaborate instrumental middle section which now kinda dictates that the vocal modulates to be in a range that might be a bit too high unless reaching into falsetto territory. I could pitch shift the entire thing down but I like the inst. part in it’s current key. So it’s a case of biting off too much then chew like crazy with the vocal.

I don’t know, but the vocal range thing happens to me sometimes. Some days I don’t sound like a complete fool when singing in my top range, other days I sound like a dying dog. Haaaooooo. yelp I know that I have better and worse days, so on the worse days I move onto something that I can do that day.