Any of you playing live?

Trying to get together an adequate pa system for rehearsal, small’ish places, and maybe private outdoor parties on occasion. Rock stuff.

Well, you wouldn’t be playing live lately…

Haven’t played live for 10 years at least but still have fond memories of flying fruit

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Any tips on the flying fruit? I will need to cover that base.

A lot of your audience will be vegan these days so they should be able to give you some recipes to deal with the material thrown

I do like me some fruit and vegetables. Hopefully they throw the stuff from the farmer’s market.

Hahahaha! I wish. It’s been years. I don’t practice so my voice and guitar chops have crapped out on me.

Might yield more fruit. I have just really started in with singing over the last couple of years. For alot of things I sound like a howling monkey until I get my grounds.

Fact is I must sing and play for hours every day to sound decent. I do hope I can get back to that routine one day.

I could definitely stand to spend some quality and quantity time with just an acoustic. And here I am looking at more PA gear. I should probably just add a good mixer and be done with it for now.

And I’ve been hunting down new virtual instruments like a maniac. I make small instrumental pieces these days with lots of effects and mighty pads and such. I feel like I should go back to a more minimalistic approach, like Lennon’s early solo work. Can’t beat that.

Yea, good stuff. Been playing alot of blues lately. I haven’t touched my recording computer or virtual instruments for many months, and it has been alot more enjoyable for me.

Sounds lovely, that blues thing. Well, I’ve been here before (starting over) and it will take some time to grow thick skin on your fingertips and all that.

Some jackasses in my general area threw a pink floyd acoustic cover show on their lawn, something like 30+ people. They yelled obscenities at the police when they came. Those people are douche bags, same for the gangstas still shooting eachother, same for the people hoarding n95 masks and selling for 700% increase price to doctors and coughing on cops.