Anyone freezing to death in Europe yet?

Did anything come from all the recent hype with the perils some in Europe were facing with the latest “crisis” due to Russia shutting off the gas?

Or because of “climate change” is it not getting cold there yet? :grinning:

I live in a temperate rain forest nuzzled by the Gulf Stream so am the wrong person to ask. We have cloud blankets that keep us warm in winter.

Yes people in Scotland are not turning the heating on. I know that for a fact

Is that because it hasn’t started getting cold yet?

The heating’s on in here, but it’s not freezing here until tomorrow night. For all the moaning we do about the lack of sun and the rain, the clouds do keep things from getting too cold most of the time.

It’s going to get very cold soon in SCOTTYLAND.

Yeah, for a few days here and there until the clouds come back! Snow never lasts very long unless you’re up high.

Six million will freeze to death and only the Russians will be to blame.

Now that’s cold

Brass monkeys don’t stand a chance in that.

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I guess it’s just more of the same.

Freak out over something, hype the shit out of it, make as much money as you can from it, then move on.

It seems like there are gas reserves for this winter as long as everything stays as it is, but next winter looks sketchy. The supply chain and energy system are complex systems that governments are seriously messing around with and there will be inevitable delay in the full effects being known.

Right now a lot of people are choosing between food and heat across Europe and that’s “just” because of prices.

At the moment ie 2022 we were paying 220 euros a month for gas and 82 euros for electricity here in Germany. 2023 we don’t know yet exactly

Just the opposite here.

Our electric bill runs about mid to high 200 dollars US a month, but the gas bill is only about 40 dollars or so. The only gas appliance we have is our hot water heater, and the wife loves her air conditioning.

We heat the house with gas. Russian gss😂. Cooker is electric.

Cool story bro.