Anyone having trouble w Firefox? (resolved)

The lounge won’t load in Firefox for me. OK in Chrome. Probably something on my end but other sites work fine.

No problems with Firefox here. Have you tried disabling any addons to see whether it is Firefox or an addon?

OK then, thanks, yah probably something on my end. No, haven’t run a full diagnostic, or a partial one for that matter. I’ll assume a reboot etc. will fix it.

You might try clearing cookies and/or browser cache for Firefox in Preferences > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data. If you don’t want to restart or clear your current logins, try clearing Site Data first and maybe try clearing only the data for this site. Then cookies only for this site.

No luck. I’ll run it down when I get a chance, probably after breakfast. Oops brunch lol. Thanks.

I use Firefox, no issues that I am aware of here.

Reboot, back in action. Thanks gents. Think it was the Tiger King in the next window lol. Ooh, there’s a post…