Apple blocks Fortnite in App Store!

Apple have blocked one of the biggest games in the world for offering their own payment services. Epic Games are taking them to court:

You’re not supposed to notice or care about such things, please turn yourself in to the wrongthink correctional facility where you will be redirected toward something or other allegedly happening in China or Russia or somewhere.

This too

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Hopefully more companies will turn the thumb screws on Apple with this. No matter what their walled garden strategy is, they are still dependent on the best 3rd party software being available to stay relevant - especially to the next generation of users.

The creatives are in charge here!

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An interesting legal case, though I’m not sure whether it will go anywhere.

Epic Games evidently anticipated getting the boot from Apple, because immediately after they launched a social media campaign, including a slick youtube video inspired by the famous 1984 Apple campaign.

I have a possible solution for all of this.

Put your damn gadgets down and go outside and talk to people!!


That’s advice from beforetimes. Embrace the New Normal, citizen!

Still waiting to see what that is, but I suspect I won’t have to embrace it, it will be shoved down my throat. :grinning:

Get in your eco friendly pod, all you can eat beyond meat salty soy edition, stay connected with friends and family…

Can somebody please explain to me precisely why that denicitizen is not wearing a mask?!?!?

Full body pods in 2045, you can see the soy goop top layer in the pic… masks arent needed like we know them now… in the future they add longer cords and theyre used as fart filter g-string type undergarments… p95… 95% of fart smells eliminated, if you social distance… but those are only used outside pods, and the general public doesnt operate like that anymore…

I am honored.