Are these people insane?

I believe so. Mass hysteria at its finest😂

Scary stuff.

Not my idea of how to spend a Sunday morning, but they don’t appear to be hurting anyone so whatever floats your boat.

The “speaking in tongues” that some evangelicals do gets me. Jesus spoke in tongues which meant that everybody could understand him, no matter what language they spoke. But these pastors just babble and so nobody can understand them.

One of them started doing it, a conference happened and the grand wizards decided that it was an impressive thing and that they should all start doing it. So all of a sudden everybody could speak in tongues.

The number of people who could understand it remained at zero.

I don’t think that was Jesus

But yeah, that gibberish some of those Pentecostals do ain’t it

Oh yeah, it looks like he didn’t. Every day’s a school day!

It’s hard to believe that rational people can be made to behave like that. Truly astounding. The Covid-19 vaccine proved beyond any shadow of doubt that people can be made to do anything.

I’m not looking to start a fight here, I’m just asking purely out of curiosity, but why does what they’re doing bother you so much??

Again, it doesn’t appear as if they’re hurting anyone, imposing their beliefs on anyone, or violating anyone’s constitutional or human rights, so what does it matter?

This is suppose to be a free country. The 1st Amendment provides for free speech and freedom of religion. I’m all for live and let live. Sometimes you just have to cut some people a little slack.

Again, I’m just asking a question here.

It doesn’t matter one iota. Your right. I just find it amazing that people can act like that. I find it an interesting behaviour purely from the point of view of a disinterested observer. I’ve never really understood religion in any form. Maybe Buddhism is the one I can relate to the most.

There’s some funny clips of them on tiktok set to Hip Hop or electronica

If I find one I’ll post it here

Yeah, I get that.

People are a pretty strange lot. You don’t have to look far to find proof of that.

Pretty weird if you ask me. Girl is obviously disturbed.

Why the fuck gdo I keep getting those shitty videos in my YouTube shorts?

That’s the problem there, you watch them to the end so you keep getting more visual crack recommended to you. Try skipping past things you are interested in and watch some crap about another subject until the end and you should start getting that instead.

They are quite addictive I have to admit.

I think they are crazy.


Still my favourite Chevy Chase movie.

Inspired by Peter Popoff, the faith healer who was exposed by the Amazing Randi!

Also well worth a watch: John Oliver on faith healers.

As the lady in the first clip from Fletch Lives sang “Cash or cheque or Mastercard”

Oh come on! Am I the only one who grew up with Fletch Lives?

It’s new to me

Never heard of the Amazing Randi either?

Or Peter Popoff?

Yes I’ve heard of him but not the other guy.

Peter Popoff was the guy caught by the Amazing Randi. Caught getting details delivered to him through an in ear wireless system, where he got fed details of prayer cards submitted before the event, that his wife relayed to him as he called them out to be cured, a miracle I tells you.

I suggest you actually watch the James Randi video, and John Oliver video, and the Chevy Chase scenes from Fletch Lives.

Shame it’s not made up, cause it would be funnier if it was.