Artificial Intelligence "Learning".

How’s this for a different perspective on what’s going on.

In designing AI systems, there is a process whereby the system “learns”. There are two types of learning, “Machine Learning” and “Deep Learning”.

The learning process basically involves creating a scenario, for instance a broken machine, then monitoring the different processes, techniques, etc. involved in fixing it. All that data is stored away and then used to determine the best fix the next time the machine breaks.

As with any system like this, the most important aspect is gathering as much data as you can. The more data you gather, the more “intelligent” the system becomes.

When designing AI systems to control information, thereby controlling the masses, it would make sense to string out that data collection “learning” process as long as you can. Sifting through all the bullshit being broadcast around the globe in order to determine what works, and what doesn’t work, when trying to control the message.

Not that you create the scenario, but once it does occur, you milk it for all it’s worth.

Makes sense if you smoke enough weed. :grinning:

Did you watch Joe Rogans interview with Dr Robert Epstein, about Google using its AI to shift public perception and votes?

It works

Or both! The mind boggles at the amount of data these companies and spooky outfits have at their fingertips to analyse.

I think this explains some of the different tactics being used during the coronapanto, learn from social media posting etc how far things can be pushed before a critical mass of people start objecting. See how big the lies are that can be told before enough people start crying foul.

No weed required!

And a big part of it seems to be banning those people who speak out, especially anyone who carries influence.