Best purchase I ever made.

I didn’t even know that Apple sold anything for $15 (Australian), let alone an absolute gem of a headphone amplifier, with super low output impedance that will drive common modern headphones with impedance’s under 100 ohms.

Listening right now with a set of KRK KNS 6400 headphones, 50 something ohms if I remember correctly. Phat clear bass.

Audio science review analysis:

As a few commenters noted, you could put that tiny device in a large box, and sell it as a high end DAC for over $100.

$15 Australian to destroy practically any on board motherboard headphone or line output. I got two. The USB A to USB C adapter so I can use it on my PC didn’t cost much less than the headphone dongle, and is slightly larger than the headphone amp!

A lot of manufactures of audio devices, especially headphone outputs ought to hang their heads in shame.

Jeez, makes you wonder the cost price is just for the circuit to go on a mobo. $3? Loss leader?

To give some perspective on just how tiny this thing is: