BFD3 update needs your PC online every 90 days

Thread here:

Celestion SpeakerMixPro had some online login as well
Not every 90 days, but still
I think I’d prefer iLok

Not so good if your main DAW is offline

Should make a list of plugins and daws requiring you to be online

Thanks for the warning. So only the last two points are for users. Looks like they might be paving the way for a subscription.

New in BFD3.4.4:
► BFD3 will auto-refresh licenses upon online startup
► BFD License Manager is only needed for registration and download of new products and updates
► BFD License Manager validation has been improved and made more robust
► License validation is required every (90) days
► License Manager now displays when each license needs to be refreshed
► BFD3 Mute and Solo behavior improved
► Assorted stability and performance improvements

I suppose it depends on what you want to hear from the different drum samplers, but Toontracks and Addictive were easy to deal with.

I have to say that I’m really enjoying BFD3, it’s a different beast from BFD1 and 2 too. While BFD1 was just raw drums, BFD3 has a more polished sound out of the box. Not a fan of copy protection that dies when the company dies or can’t be arsed supporting it any more.

I understand from the latest replies in that thread that it’s 30 days at the moment so 90 days is a good thing?