Billy Corgan interview

This is fecking gold

The ads are bloody loud though. Why cant ads match the loudness of the content?

Big Smashing Pumpkins fan.

1979 is still one of my all time favorites.

Thanks for posting.

Watching it now.

Use an adblocker. ublock origin is boss. Not available for Safari though.

Cool blend of styles, undoubtedly an excellent live band as well.

I wasn’t a pumpkins fan really but a friend’s persistence got me into siamese dream.
1979 was a cool track though @Toleolu. Love the optimism and joy in that song.
The interview gave insights with use of the click track, Cherub rock was no click, tonight tonight was.

I’ve been obsessed about the yay or nay of the click. My approach now is simply record one version to the click and one version sans click. Then I pick the one I think sounds the best

I think using a click track depends on how good the drummers time is. Moot point though if you’re not recording a live drummer.

Abraham Liftin from the Reaper forum recorded a couple of drum tracks for me and he always wanted a click track along with the rhythm tracks. He was awesome by the way.

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I only got to watch about a third of it before having to turn my attention to the kiddo. Good stuff, what I saw of it so far. I always like hearing artists talk about their creative process and how the sausage is made in the studio.

Smashing Pumpkins were a pretty polarizing band at the time. I liked a couple of their songs when they debuted, but I didn’t really get into them until much later. They definitely had a unique sound and some good songs.

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I noticed Billy has a good ear for what was nicked. eg Smells like teen spirit ripping off Boston, but also open with no apologies, where he nicked his own stuff.

Corgan mentioned being at a point in writing a song where a part isn’t very good, and you try something else that is better but doesn’t quite fit the context, and you go back and forth on which part to use. His thought on it was that, it’s these moments that make you a songwriter.

I thought that was interesting. I’ll probably go back and watch it again sometime. Good stuff.