Cats vs Cucumbers

I’m so incandescent with rage right now. With the wet weather we’ve been having recently i’ve been experiencing extensive slug & snail attacks on my beloved plants.
I’d been nurturing my last viable cucumber in a highly guarded environment until it was big enough to withstand gastropod aggression & plant out , which i did earlier today.
I just went out to check on it and my two little kittens followed me and proceeded to rip it to shreds before i could do anything to stop them.
Why would they do that to me? They’ve never attacked my plants before and i’ve been giving them free food, entertainment & accommodation. Jealousy maybe?
:rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

Too late in the season now to plant more seeds and i had big plans for that cuke - i’ve only got a small concrete yard and i had a big pot for it in a prime position with an old chair for it to climb up. I’m devastated.

Small animals and kids - expect destruction! The key thing to remember is that this wouldn’t have happened with a pet bat. :smiley:

wow! i didn’t realise that was a thing. kind of cruel though.

That’s what the internet is for! Cat videos.

And porn.

Mostly porn.