CDC admits they screwed the pooch!

No shit Sherlock!!

But I expect their reorganization will be about as effective as their Covid response.

Looks like they are only saying that they should have done more and faster. After the last couple of years, hopefully they will get worse at being effective, not better.

I think their reorganization will require more money and more control.

Yes. And it’s always bumbling and incompetence that’s made out to be responsible for everything after these major events. No acknowledgement at all that certain ideologies or vested interests could possibly have influenced anything. Or that anybody was taken for a ride by anybody else.

The calls early on from ordinary people, ignored scientists and switch on toddlers alike for widespread sampling to see how prevalent the virus actually was were ignored. Instead they relied not on UK/Israeli data, as they say, but on Chinese propaganda and not doing any, cheap science which would have got the fatality rate down from handy propaganda levels to a nothing burger that exposed over/under treatment and politically charged changes in protocols as the real deadly epidemic.

One thing I never saw here was any data on analysis of the water at the waste treatment plants. Of course, given how jacked up things are around here, they may not have the capability of doing that.