Childhood pic

This my brother and I when we lived in Aro Street, Wgtn, circa 1977.
My Dad had done up the MkII Jag and this was the day he sold it.

Broke my heart watching it drive away

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That’s a swag looking ride those lil’ fellas swiped. Good pick.

Cute picture! Beautiful car.

I’ll post one of mine if someone can tell me how to scan a cave painting.

My mom used to patch the knees in my jeans like that too.

Lol so many patches on my knees then
Same haircut at that age also, you biting my style

ha yeah knees and elbows

When I was about that age, a pair of Levi’s cost around $5.95. My mother thought that was outrageous for a pair of pants, hence all the patches.

When they couldn’t be patched anymore, she cut the legs off to make a pair of shorts. Mom always got her money’s worth.

Patches and cutoffs were definitely a thing here. Swimming trunks? You wouldn’t dare see anyone wearing cutoffs today.

Oh yeah, cut-off faded denim shorts was a staple here. Frayed hems as well…I was always catching my frayed flared jeans in my bike chain. Actually surfers round here started rocking the cut-off denim jeans thing again in recent years, not sure if it’s still in vogue though.