The Man Who Sold The World

Sammydix - acoustic guitar
Guglielmo Rodia - drums
Leo Rodia - percussion, recording and backing vocals
Jason Brian Merrill - electric guitars
Jörgen Sandberg - lead vocals, keyboards and bass programming, mix and master

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Hi there man, veri cool, I enjoy much

Cool collab fellas.

Thanks guys. Always wondered if colabs or collabs is correct… Anyways, I plan to do more of these, so give me a shout if you have an idea.

Nailed it! Man that JBM’s for real huh?

wohooooo…hurray for the first collab in this lounge !

pretty cool, well arranged and mixed.

but what is that effect on vocals ?

sounds like a chorus with the copies being subtly pitch modulated.

Nice work Jorgen and team.

Nice job Jorgen :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a chorus (can’t remember the exact plug atm). Tried a phaser and a flanger first, but I didn’t get the sound I wanted. A bit of chorus was the closest I could get.

And sure, it’s Jason on the electric guitars.

Awesome work Jorgen and one of my fave songs

Frownland? No no no nonononono just kidding just kidding just kidding. :grinning:

Never heard of that one. Is it any good?

Cheers Garrick, us fans will remain fans.

Captain Beefheart. Avant garde noise rock, it’s… hard to enjoy. :grinning:

I do own Trout Mask Replica – cool title. I believe I listened to it once.

:astonished: All the way through? Not sure I could. :laughing: Kinda amazing stuff though practically unlistenable, John French (drums) said that Van Vliet (the Captain) composed that whole album with basically classical rigor… played out every part on piano, French transcribed and helped arrange, then they rehearsed until they could play it “perfectly”. Listening to that, I can’t imagine it ever coming out the same twice.

thanks for having me on your project!

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You’re welcome.