Cycling around the world

Interesting story about a young Korean woman who for the 8 eight years has cycled across the world (all continents, nearly 100 different countries).

She has a petition for the Korean parliament (Blue House) to be able to cycle through North Korea back home to South Korea.

I am an avid cyclist but have to admit, that is pretty hardcore.

Great adventure, I hope things go smoothly for the NK permissions.

She must have seen some truly dark skies on her mission. We don’t tend to notice the night sky at all in the city and when we do, it’s a couple of stars here and there.

Very gutsy young woman, she saw much more than just bright stars. Getting stuck in the mud, being in extreme temperatures, getting harassed. But also lots of positive stories about other riders supporting her on her trip, people letting her stay at their house overnight.

All this financed out of her own pocked by odd jobs first, and then contributions from social media followers. Not huge amounts, but $25 here, $100 there. All a one woman operation, she’s not a millionaire and her family does not support her.

Very impressive on several levels.

Yes, must be some adventure. It got me duckduckbinging for the longest cycling adventure and it’s this guy with 50 years on the saddle!!

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Not quite enough of a challenge for me. When I do that, I intend to ride the bike whilst facing backwards AND juggling some drink bottles.


Do you even have a bicycle?

When I want to elevate my workout routine, I leave the remote next to the tv.

Seems a bit wasteful to buy a bike just to ride it around the world once. I was thinking I could maybe borrow a friend’s.

That about sums it up, doesn’t it.

You judge the world, from your basement, with the computer keyboard at your fingertips.

You never go out, do you. On a bicycle, or or on foot.

The world is what FOX tells you it is.

Right in front of you, at that computer screen. With the keyboard in front of you to react.

Might I suggest mixing some water with it or at least opening a window.