D Day - June 6, 1944

Never forget.

I certainly won’t forget.

My grandparents, both men and women, served in Europe and Asia, in the army and air force.

I still have my Grandmothers (on my fathers side) flying gloves and goggles!

My great grandfather managed to survive serving in two world wars, lying twice about his age. Too young for the first, too old for the second.

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Australians and Kiwis were involved in D day but no one from my family afaik.
My Grandad and uncles were in Egypt and Italy. Became a prodigious drinkers. Always at the RSA.
My Great Grandad lost a leg in WW1.

My German partner has a similar story but for the other side. Her Grandfather was a German POW in Russia. That experience left him a completely different person and also a big drinker.

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