Damn Tourists

If they’re not being rescued from getting lost on hiking trails or being saved from drowning in the ocean, they’re driving their cars into the harbors!!!

Blindly trust authority [tm] no matter what. Many lives were undoubtedly saved by this selfless obeisance to authority [tm]

They were probably gonna drive their car into a volcano if they instead trusted their own lying eyes.

Either that or just believing everything you see on your screens.

I just hope they got the insurance on that rent car. Otherwise, it’s going to be one helluva expensive vacation.

That mini van is probably going to show up on a used car lot on the Big Island one of these days.

That happens in the UK, we go to a place where the people tell everybody not to follow the sat nav because it takes them over a country road that gets majorly flooded when it’s been raining…

It happens here as well. You can’t really expect something like these map programs, or any other program for that matter, to be 100% accurate 100% of the time.

Apple Maps is one of the few apps I use on my phone. It comes in handy when I’m going somewhere new. The way the roads wind around and change names here can get pretty confusing sometimes.

Worst one I’ve heard of was in a town in England where an A road (so high speed limit) was going through a town and there was a B road (narrow country road) that went “through” it (junction at either side). Some sat navs had the B road going straight across and people were ignoring all of the signs and going straight across at full speed. Couple of nasty crashes.