Did the Secret Service accidentally kill Kennedy???

I don’t know if any of you have heard about this twist on the Kennedy assassination, but all the conspiracy talk on the other thread got me thinking about this.

I saw this in a documentary a few years ago. I forget the name, but it was really interesting.

One of the interesting things about the documentary is it explained the single bullet theory.

According to the documentary, the reason that second shot hit both Kennedy and Conally, was because Conally was seated in a removable jump seat that sits lower and more to the center line of the vehicle than Kennedy’s position on the right hand side of the back bench seat. They showed through animation how by sitting in that position and being turned to the right, Conally would have been lined up with that second shot.

There are photos of the limousine at Parkland Hospital that clearly shows that jump seat. Not saying that’s the case, but it is interesting.

With respect to the head shot, the documentary claims that came from a Secret Service agents M-16 in the car behind the Presidents limo.

As the first shot rang out, the agent picked up the rifle and as the car started accelerating after the second shot, he lost his balance and accidentally fired the rifle.

Just another theory for certain, but it does kind of make sense when you think about things.

There’s a couple of things that happened that lend credence to this argument. The first being that Xray of Kennedy’s head that shows small metal fragments in his skull. If that X Ray is legit, then there’s no way the metal jacketed bullets from Oswalds rifle would do that.

But, shells like that, the kind that shatter on impact, were standard issue on the M-16’s that the Secret Service carried back then.

Another thing was how it was the Secret Service who were threatening hospital staff as they were forcibly removing Kennedys body from the hospital. The hospital staff wanted to do the autopsy in accordance with state law, but the Secret Service took the body anyway.

You’ve also got all that witness testimony of people smelling gunpowder at street level. Might have come from the Grassy Knoll, but then again, might not.

Then there’s the fact, supposedly, that Kennedy’s brain ended up missing from the National Archive, or where ever it was being stored after the autopsy in D.C.

Not saying that’s what happened, we’ll never know for sure. But it’s an interesting theory.

Let’s face it, there’s no way the government ever admits to f-ing up that bad, so from that perspective, the theory makes a lot of sense.

The very weird thing about that assassination was his wife and others being adamant that the autopsied body was not Kennedy.

It’s covered in this documentary: http://thereaperlounge.com/t/everything-is-a-rich-mans-trick/1067

edited: “not Kennedy”

3 1/2 hours is a big bite for going in blind. Worth a watch?

I background watched it so can’t remember much of it and it covers a lot of ground, but I’d say yes.

I would have thought the secret service training would preclude such an accident.

I’ve never dived deep on the general subject, though I’ve seen at least some of the well known theories.

Oswald was married to a Russian? and so there’s claims Russia was behind it, but it’s quite obvious that anti Russia propaganda has been a thing for a long time, and no less so recently with all the fake claims against the Kremlin about election fraud collusion etc. So if Oswald had indeed spent some time in Russia, that would also make him eligible to be the perfect fall guy.