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I never considered what might be the effects of fasting (or intermittent fasting) against covid.

Looks like it is part of the I-Recover protocol for long covid.

It’s strange world we live in. The message that we shouldn’t be putting treacle into the fuel tanks of Ferraris is whispered while the industry that sells the treacle shouts endlessly that we should do it and love it while another industry profits massively from fixing the engines.

Meanwhile, car owners who care give it the correct fuel and allow their engines and turbos to cool down by idling the car for a while after taking it for a ride.

There are very specific things we know to do machines to look after them, and I think we really are at a fairly primitive stage re knowing the ideal way to treat the body. It makes sense that we should give our bodies a break from eating, being awake, exercise, relaxing, thinking, meditating etc but we definitely aren’t at a place where we can say what goes wrong when we get this unknown balance wrong.

I happened onto a mention of a woman today named Dr. Zsofia Clemens. The medical team that she is a part of treats a range of diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, epilepsy, and cancer. Reportedly, they have treated several thousands of patients with good success. Their main treatment seems to be a diet called Paleolithic Ketogenic diet (she says the diet does the curing), which is a meat-based diet with high fat content (2 to 1, or 18 calories fat to 4 calories protein) and up to a 30% allowance of plant-based foods for those people who can’t make themselves eat a purely meat-based diet. She says that sliding into any range of the 30% allowance has lesser positive outcome than strictly meat-based. She also says that there is no need for any supplements. Just meat, salt, and water.

Here is a time link to some Q and A from Shawn Baker (a doc who promotes carnivore diet) and the podcast host asking her various questions about the diet:

Relative to the last post.

Still checking out Zsofia Clemens. Interesting point brought up here about vaccine induced autoimmunity:

If human beings were not meant to eat meat, we wouldn’t have the kind of teeth we have. All the crap they put into meat is a different matter, but meat has always been an important staple of the human diet.

The kicker here, by people such as Zsofia Clemens, is that the opposite is true for plant-based foods. And apparently her medical team has been proving for some years via the treatment of thousands of patients that a strict meat-based diet can be used as a single effective treatment for a wide range of modern disease. To me, that is mind-blowing.

Do you remember the article a few years ago about the vegetarian neanderthals? They found the remains of a neanderthal couple and found that they’d been eating stuff like tree bark. So that didn’t mean that they couldn’t find any animals where they were and resorted to eating random stuff to stay alive, it meant that they were actually vegans!

Clutching at straws.

@brainio : I watched a presentation by a sports nutritionist a few years back where he presented research that showed a zero carb diet cured 100% of people on the study of whatever it was they were testing. Sorry, can’t remember the details.

When you think about it pretty much all carbie food is processed, there’s not way a caveman would have went near a filed of wheat grass to eat. Well, he’d eat the animals feeding on it.

Vegan neanderthals, interesting.

Maybe that’s why they died!! :grinning:

Man, I don’t know how anyone would have thought that it might be ok to eat anything, such as a goat. Come here you tasty little bearded devil. :smiley:

Maybe we should just be thankful that our ancestors went through the trouble of tasting everything on the planet so that we at least get to skip eating poisons. Oh wait…