Distortions of word meanings

Especially in politics the meanings of words tend to be heavily distorted, sometimes completely opposite of the original meanings.

Social Justice Warrior

Just prodding some discussion around this. I feel like much of the distortion has been intentionally promoted to help in causing confusion and keep people divided in place of having clear discussions on issues which affect us all, labels aside.

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My hometown has a bunch of sports clubs/licensed clubhouses, other clubs such as Lions, Rotary, and five pubs, the town population less than 3000. It’s a very sociable place where no one is left behind, it’s like a team and everyone’s a team player but no one is a ‘communist’ or ‘socialist’ esp in the current sense as no one is telling anyone what they must do or what must be respected other than individual’s rights.

It was weird running into all those labels in the old lounge, sometimes used by those who obviously hadn’t the faintest idea how rural communities work. I’ve never once so much as experienced a heated argument between two men, other than teenagers or on the football field where that ‘argument’ remains, Aussie style, the protagonists more often than not having a beer together after the game. In other words disputes are normally short lived, petty grudges are rare. A harmonious society floats all boats.

That’s exactly what it’s all about Brain. I think there is a certain amount of natural evolution in the meaning of words, remember when gay meant happy, but no doubt there is a lot of intentional manipulation going on.

Consider if you will that if enough people got together, they could shut down Facebook or Twitter tomorrow. The only real power us huddled masses have is in our numbers. The powers that be are well aware of that and they have armies of people working around the clock doing everything they can to prevent us from realizing that.