Don't wait up for me boys

Being taken on a late picnic out in the yard.

I expect a full report in the morning.

Pretty uneventful but nice.

It appears that personally you’re doing very well indeed BW. At least afa family.

Our political dilemmas aside for a moment.

Aww that’s lovely

That looks like fun. We had a Memorial Day BBQ at our building today (I live in a work / live artist loft in Oakland). First BBQ since a long time, we used to do this every Friday.

Good times, hanging out with the neighbors and catching up.

My specialty is ribs - marinate them with whatever herbs and spices I happen to have (this time herbs de provence and himalayan salts), put them in fridge for several days, then pre-cook in oven for several hours, and then put them on the grill for maybe 5 to 10 minutes to caramelize. Super tender, they literally fall off the ribs. Before cooking them on the grill I marinate them with a mix of BBQ sauce and red wine vinegar (that gives them a little bit of a edge). Yummy.