Drs appointments in Scotland /UK

Depopulation agenda in action or a less sinister reason. This has been going on since Covid-19. You gave to be dying to get an appointment these days

It depends on the practice/area… some stayed open throughout covid and some didn’t. In some areas there’s increased pressure because of immigration too.

I think the NHS plans to offload some work on to AI systems. It’s been a big privatisation target for decades and it definitely feels like we’re going through the Oliver Letwin defunding and erosion plan at the moment.

It’s ridiculous. What are the Dr’s doing all day? You go to the surgery and the place is empty yet you can’t see a Dr. I don’t get it all.

They do phone consultations now which must take up quite a bit of their day. It won’t be long until there are doctor call centres like NHS24.

So many doctors are part-time now as well so continuity of care is gone, at least in busier city practices. If talking to a random doctor at your local practice is okay, then it’s okay to speak to one anywhere in the world.

I’m out the loop. Not been to the Dr’s for years. Things here in Germany are pretty much normal. NOT like the UK

Yeah the NHS has a big privatisation price tag on its head at the moment. During austerity it was massively underfunded compared to historical levels… for the best part of 10 years.