Eagled a Par 5 today.

Drained a 30 yard or so pitch shot on a par 5 day for eagle.

Went back looking for the post where someone, forget who, possibly Domzy or Syd wished me making lot’s of eagles, couldn’t find it.

Whoever it was, could you post the same again Wednesday? Got a big money game then. :grinning:

Wish I could say it was me but it wasn’t. I don’t know shit about golf.

:stuck_out_tongue::smiley: Reverse jinx! You’re welcome!

Yeah I didn’t want to say anymore in case I’d get blamed for it!

Thanks for the good Karma there brother.

Are you talking about golf, or mariujana, or life in general?

Or bald Eagles?

LOL, talking golf here, marijuana on the other thread, life in general pretty much everywhere else. :grinning:

How’s things in the Bay Area brother Peter??

No blame involved, in golf, eagles are good things, take em all day long if I could.

Understood. Still, I don’t have the best luck so I will just say: Have fun on Wednesday! :beers:

Pretty good, considering all the madness going on everywhere.

Work is keeping me busy in a good way, listening to great music.

I can still go out every day, soaking up the CA sunshine.

You still working from home?

Yeah, and probably will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Before I forget… Let the eagles fly! :smiley:


None today, played OK but got my ass handed to me. Damn young guys and their 300 yard drives. :grin:

Oh well, yah can’t drive for shit. If I go for power I just have to hope it lands somewhere I can find it. :smiley: Bought a big ol’ Cleveland boom stick, reviews said it straightens your drive for you, sadly it did not. Shoulda just stuck with the 3 wood but where’s the fun in that?

Must’ve been tough competition, didn’t you say you shoot mid 70s?

These days, something in the high 70’s is pretty good for me, been working on a swing fix so it’s been a bit of a struggle. Some really good players in our group, one guy, Dave Eichelberger, played on the PGA tour with Palmer, Nicklaus, Trevino, won a few tournaments on the regular tour, then won the US Senior Open. He’s in his late 70’s now but still shoots his age or better.

Nothing wrong with using a three wood off the tee, do it quite a bit myself depending on the hole. On your driver, do you block it out to the right or hook it?

How’s your short game? That saying about driving for show and putting for dough is so true.

Oh, either way, depends on what way my dick is pointing, or something, never could work it out. Kinda quit because of it, it’s just no fun if you can’t get the ball down the fairway, everyone’s always pissed at you, etc. Plus the $$$, in Tasmania working class people can afford to play golf, when I was there anyway, play a round for $40-50, you could join the Royal Tassie, a PGA certified club IIRC, for a couple grand, with a couple decent local options that were even cheaper. Best part of my game was my irons, could hit the irons OK. Putting, eh, OK, long as the greens weren’t too slick. I go hit a bucket every once in a while, maybe some day it’ll magically come right. :smiley:

Just a suggestion, but when you hit a bucket, take a short iron and your driver. Get a good rhythm going with the short iron then use that same rhythm with your driver. I think a lot of people get a driver in their hands and think they really need to hammer the ball, it’s all the same swing regardless of which club you’re using. Also, remember that 200 yards in the fairway beats 250 yards in the shit. Really good golfer I played with a lot used to say that it’s not about how far the ball goes, it’s where it stops.

For me, anymore, it’s about having fun and getting some exercise, my sub par days are long gone.

:grin: Yup, that’s me. Sounds like good advice, thanks, give it a go next time.

Cool, hope it helps. But if not, nothing wrong with going with the 3 wood and leaving the big dog in the bag.