Elon - "Master Plan 3, the path to a fully sustainable energy future for Earth will be presented on March 1"

Probably just marketing speak, but who knows. Maybe he has something up his sleeve.

I doubt he’d make such a big deal out of anything too embarrassing. He might be getting involved in the small nuclear reactor thing like he inserted himself into the other markets he got into.

I’d like to see that, the small nuclear reactors we see at the moment are still very expensive and have sites bigger than premier football stadiums. I want one for 10k to put in the garden dammit!!!

Maybe a solar power thingy that converts water vapor into hydrogen. That can be plonked into any EV or power your home. Thus decentralising the power business

Musk is a twat in my opinion.

Storage is a problem with hydrogen so it could be a solution to that? All these things seem to be one or two iterations away from perfection.

Maybe he’s found a way to convert all the bullshit on the internet into electricity!!

Free power forever baby!!!

I reckon we’d get 1,000 years from Reddit alone!

@drumphil would be the pinup guy

First ~14 minutes of the video.

Tesla Investor Day in 28 Min (Supercut) (2023)
Tesla Daily


Tldr: Switching to a sustainable energy future is possible right now, by investing 1% of world GDP over 10 years or 0.5% over 20 years (10% of 2022 world GDP), and that costs 60% of continued investment in fossil fuels. And overall less mining compared to fossil fuels. Breakdown:

35% renewable power
21% switch to electric vehicles
22% switch to heat pumps
17% high temp heat delivery and hydrogen
5% sustainable fuel planes and boats

On the heat pump thing. Why are so few companies producing small, room sized heat pumps? It seems like it would provide the ultimate in hvac zoning, so lower cost to operate, lower cost repair/replacement. And I would think that it would also be fairly trivial to integrate heat recovery ventilation in such a small heat pump, which would mean even lower energy cost and better indoor air quality.

So what is the plan?