End of the Reaper Lounge in 4 weeks

This humble website has served its purpose of keeping this fine community together after the Lounge at reaper.fm was abruptly closed.

With a little bit of sadness, I say the time has come. I think it’s time to say farewell.

So in four weeks time, I will close the reaper lounge down.

I’m open to suggestions on how this should be done and things I need to consider.

So my friends, thank you for existing and feel free to keep in touch, garricknorthover@hotmail.com

EDIT: My apologies. I initially said 8 weeks. The last day will be 30th March as the domain was to renew then.

Oh dear, the domain renewal fee can’t be that much of a shocker? :smiley:

Free ride is over boys. :smiley:

Gazza, are you open to turning over the reins?

Obviously this place hasn’t been terribly interesting to you. So much thanks, whatever happens here.

Ha ha no. Only $10

Hey BW,
I keep meaning to participate more but feel the pull to move on.

Yes mate, I am open to turning over the reins, that would be cool banana.

Sorry to see it go. There were some interesting posts and discussions.
All things come to an end

Well you’re welcome to keep in touch Bob. I have a German girl friend. I may need some tips :slight_smile:

Spending more time with the gf and less reading @drumphil posts is not only understandable but makes damn good sense! Cheers man

The end of an error! :smiley:

Thanks for getting it this far Gazza

Telegram sounds a decent idea, even as a backup meeting ground to stay in touch

Whatever ends up happening here, we need a non-politics section where Gazza feels welcome to pop in once in a while.

:joy::joy: Yes Germans have a special flavour all of their own.
Germany was the last place I would have imagined ending up but here I am 26 years later.
Covid-19 put an extreme strain on the old relationship but we pulled through but only just.
Love conquers all😁

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Yeah, I don’t have any complaints about the political threads BDub :slight_smile:
And it’s not much labour to keep it running. You, Captain Caveman and Bevo do all the admin.
Even if all the content was stuff I was passionate about, I would still feel the pull to move on from the responsibility of it existing.
Still, you guys are the only internet friends I have and I want to keep in touch

Good to know that we weren’t bugging you out with all the politics. You probably should have been relived from the responsibility much earlier on. And hopefully you’ll still pop in once in a while and say hey.

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I find that “passionate about” interesting though.

Do you think I’ve got nothing better to do than stave off the shills of the egregious NWO? It’s not a ‘passion’ mate, it’s a fkn duty.

But hey, I don’t mind being one to stick my neck out a bit for basic Christian values, I believe in that, even if not the whole box and dice of it.

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