Everyone still alive out there?

It seems that discussion has died down quite a bit here. We got ourselves an echo chamber here or what? I don’t have the energy to follow politics lately. I just check in at a place here and there to catch the highlights.

It seems to me where I am that labor is being crunched all over. More work with less staff. I saw a news bit today where they mentioned that maybe 50% of healthcare workers are suffering from depression. Imagine that. The number of patients has been piled on with the same amount of staff to care for them. But I think this isn’t a healthcare only issue. I have seen the same thing everywhere I go. Stores, restaurants, whatever. Even the insurance office where there used to always be two people has been cut down to one. Less staff, more work everywhere. I wonder if it is the same outside the U.S.

I have been working out my guitar setup lately. I’m pretty sure my core sounds are all in my old Super Reverb, along with some pedals. Blues, raucous and loose rock n roll, tighter rock n roll. I may end up running a plexi clone and 212 cab along with the Super. But the Super alone sounds pretty kickass. I had swore pedals off, but they’re working out well lately. A few dirt pedals, a harmonic tremolo, univibe, wah, tape delay, and maybe a parametric eq / boost will stay in there. The fuzz and univibe will get replaced with different models. About to do a pickup swap in my main guitar (strat). The pickups in there tend toward icepick. I have some smoother ones lying around.

Any of you running some pedals that you’re digging?

I love a ton of different music from all sorts of directions, but I think I’m narrowing myself down to some gutsy rock n roll based stuff, maybe a bit of a melding of The Rolling Stones and The Stooges with a blues element.

Just bullshitting I guess. I would hate to see the place fizzle out, but it seems like it may be headed in that direction.

What are all you vile fuckers up to? Playing much lately? Working on anything cool?

I’m working on an old song that I never recorded properly. I hope to accomplish something Pink Floyd-ish. I’m a simple troubadour with a computer and I can’t resist all these virtual fabulous sounds I have access to. But when this one is finished I like to do something more minimalistic. Guitar, bass, drums.
And I will stay away from politics.

Yeah, good thread - politics & opinions are for losers! making noises is where it’s at.
i was thinking about trying to get back into some guitar after years of synths & samples, only to find that i really can’t play at all these days - it’s really actually quite painful. both physically & mentally. Any tips gratefully received!
Plus Norman (my cat) has chased a rat into my room and i don’t know how to coax it out - it’s been over a day now. Lots of places to hide, if i move stuff to try & track it down it just hides elsewhere - am i going to have to dismantle & remove everything? Major stress

I’ve always thought the political and philosophical talk on DAWish (or any specialist really) forums was. Everybody has a common interest that serves as a kind of family glue and they can be 99% sure nobody is a bot and that no special interest group or other is creating users + whatever other posting/voting/promoting shenanigans are going on around the wider t’internet.

Don’t get me wrong. I think talk of politics can be great. And yes, especially on forums where it isn’t the main topic. Seems like we’re missing some of the common glue over here.

I’m present!

Sorry not so social lately.

Busy drinking, fighting

Watched the dectectorists best TV I have ever watched apart from the last episode of the manderlorian

Experimenting with my recording process. What I do is record the song without the click, tempo map it. Record further down the timeline one to the click, and then record the drum part first on a third recording. Looks like this

Not sure what to do next, maybe start tracking stuff to all of them and see what it needs

Yeah, I agree. I was a bit out of context there, sorry about that. It’s been a very strange 12 months though.

I’m using a guitar looper lately for quick inspirations. I think it doesn’t have a max loop time, so I’ll bang out a rhythm into the looper, save it, and jam with it until I find some cool lines to go with it. So far I enjoy this process much more than working with a daw. That little Zoom portable recorder that I picked up last year was a major pain in the ass to use, and it has been sitting on a shelf for some time. I would like to find some very simple non-computer interaction recording process for everything. Not mixing and tweaking things, just really fast and simple capture of guitars, drums, bass, vox. Like the looper, but for everything. I think I will eventually get back to using Reaper for recording, but I’m really liking the simplicity of the looper and not thinking about anything but the core music. I do kind of regret ditching the e-drums, since I haven’t been able to play my real kit as much as I would like. E-drums with real cymbals is a pretty good compromise for an always ready to go low volume kit that can be played at any time without pissing off people around me.

I think I should post more here about music stuff. I know that Morgan and a couple of other people have been all along. That is our glue, given involvement from the rest of us.

How are we on the financial end of keeping the place running for this year?

At least someone is living among the down and spiritually dead of Covid.

I’m putting together another live covers set.

Guitar and vocal only, never done that before. Last night I learned “Real Love” [Beatles] I’m hoping one day to write something [pun unintended] half as good as that.

Gotta mess around with those V aug, IV6 chords a bit more I reckon. Then one day maybe play em flat chat as arps in a melodic rock/metal track or whatever.

It’s been great that Morgon and Jorgen have been posting.
Need to do that to

I find, that more often than not, many spin-offs that left some kind of main forum or platform due to some kind of perception of a free speech violation, many times you find that these places and spaces don’t last, because the people in them are usually dependent upon the rest of the main community in order to survive.

In other words, many people really only want to do this kind of thing in order to trigger other people LOL

So, except when it’s planning some kind of riot or pretend revolution, you typically see these things fail.

that being said, it really does seem that people here aren’t just interested in the kind of discussion that was banned from the main forum. and I think the more discussion that people have, the better. And I really hope that this place thrives.

Yeah, free Assange already, or maybe at least STFU with your bs anti fascism.

Fake impeachments and fake allegiance to BLM don’t count as anti fascism.



Have a nice day

Kicking the fuck out of truthtellers, yeah, you’re for “the people” man, yay you.

I credit Snook’s powers of observation and logistical, statistical knowledge and research for bringing discussions to a head and coming out on top by posting hard factual info.

Not easy for anyone to continue to shill argue against a guy like Snooks who only has the best intentions and is very informed on the facts.

Snooks has done much of the heavy lifting around here to counter fake news and nefarious political agendas, hats off to him.

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I don’t know what might be in the water or the air down there to make it so, but you fuckers are awesome.

It’s the occasional well-wish from Team Cancel that really keep me going here

Well, since we’re talking about it, I need some David Gilmourish licks for my work in progress. Any takers?

I can have a try at it, sure.

Thanks. I’ll put on some guide vocals soon and send you the files.