Finally some good news: Student Loan Forgiveness

Let’s Go Brandon?

That seems like it could be a near total write off for some students who worked their way through state uni there and qualified for those grants. Any port in a storm I suppose, but the whole system really needs overhauled.

That is no joke. It is as bad as our healthcare system.

Ah, the sweet smell of desperation.

Anyone who thinks they’re going to get a break on their loans shouldn’t spend any of that money yet.

There’s a legit legal question as to whether the President even has the power to do this. Speaker Pelosi said last year that he doesn’t, that it takes an act of Congress to write off that debt.

Just another ploy to gin up their base. When you don’t have a record to run on, just pay people to vote for you. But I think this one might come back and bite them on the ass.

I think this isn’t going to win many votes for them. But yea, you’re right on Toleolu. They’re shooting for the moon.

Very doubtful this will happen as it’s currently structured, but nonetheless, where is the woke mob and the liberal media pointing out how this takes money from low income blacks and Hispanics and gives it to a bunch of entitled white kids?

This is especially interesting coming on the heels of that huge, multi billion dollar TV contract the Big 10 recently signed with a number of networks recently.

Peter, your thoughts??

No, it’s actually the other way around.

Most student debt amounts to small amounts, and paradoxically, those people have the most difficulties repaying their loans.

We’re behind the rest of the industrialized world when it comes to education, it’s too expensive, the teachers aren’t paid enough.

Not that small.

I totally agree with you there Peter. But that doesn’t really apply to the subject at hand.

It’s OK to support the Democrats and believe in what they say they are going to do, but it’s also OK to call them out when they do something like this. Hell, even the liberal media is calling foul on this.

Let’s just wait and see if any of this debt actually gets canceled. Personally I doubt that it will, but we’ll have to wait until all the lawyers get paid before we find out.