I bring sad news.

Fran has chosen to end his life. He said he’s sorry, and asked me to say goodbye to you all.

Fran was one of the good guys, one who really cared about people. This is sad indeed.

Oh no, that’s terrible news. :frowning:

Who is Fran?

@Francois : I hope that you have “only” made a decision, but have not acted on your choice yet.

If this is so, please don’t do this! You absolutely do not have to follow through just because you’ve told people! There is no pressure, in fact any pressure is for you to accept any tiny moment of realisation that what you are feeling can change for the better, and to accept that this can happen much quicker than you currently feel it can.

This is true, your logical mind knows that it is. There’s a whole world out there you haven’t experienced yet.

My condolences Jorgen, I’m not familiar with the details, but my thoughts and prayers are with you and his loved ones.

That is terrible if true.

Fran, if you’re still with us… Been there. Did the research, priced shotguns, lol, like the price or quality would matter. Still keep it in my back pocket, metaphorically speaking. I have heard you speak about your life and I heard the pain and truth in it. I’m happy to talk with you if you like. If you are still alive, I hope that you are treating yourself well at this time. Consider that, get a little enjoyment out of life before you go, so much of what we are taught is restraint and denial. Again, you can talk to me. I like you.

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Hopefully Fran, you’re still with us. If so then maybe it’s time for you to emigrate away from SA. I know it’s not easy to be a South African these days, I personally know refugees from SA.

Hopefully its just his ‘online life’… theres people out there that hate you… they want you to kill yourself… i say stay alive, even if only out of spite :+1:

Fingers crossed.

Pop your head in anytime Fran, nobody will hold anything against you for letting Jorgen and the rest of us know you were in trouble. :heart:

I second this.
Fran I’ve known you as an internet friend/enemy for about 10 years and if this is a cry for help, we can put our heads together and work out a way forward.

Give us a chance to not be dick heads about it :slight_smile:

Yeah, amen to that. If you’re lurking and see this, don’t be afraid to poke us or contact anyone of us privately.

Anyone had any word? If youre reading this fran, i hope youre still with us on earth and in a better mental state. Glad i got to encounter you in the wildwildweb…

Possibly merely an internet ‘passing’ or then again maybe a real death, in either case it would appear that he didn’t take his white privilege seriously enough