A thread for any humour, black or otherwise…

And to test how FB videos behave.

Success! They insert like youtube, plus they fullscreen. Couldn’t do that at the old homestead. :smiley:


Trying the drag and drop. Says no supported video format is to be found.

What exactly did you drag in, a facebook video? Or something else?

I rightclick- copied the link to my facebook video and then pasted it in.

Btw Jorgen if you drag-select a line in one of the posts, a ‘quote’ option pops up.

A screenshot, .jpg. Yeah, I know about the quote, just wanted to try to post a pic.

That SIX = 9 meme was a .jpg which I dragged and dropped

I don’t really know the backstory to this…but now I have the tune in my head lol, it’s pretty catchy

This is what trends on tik tok


Animals are so much smarter than humans give them credit for.


When you ask for a house-slave, but autocorrect…