Gaming: past, present, future

What are some games you have liked, are playing, or looking forward to? Anyone still doing that? Yea, me neither.I can’t remember the last time I played one. It’s been a long minute.

My fondest memories of playing a game have probably been Fallout 3, but tied closely with Human Resources Machine. The greatest aspect of Fallout 3 was that it was rich with interesting characters, with lots of character, followed by places and events of the same. It was something of a series of small games in one under a common theme of a dark comedy within a nuclear wasteland. This is why New Vegas was so bad (yes it was). Characters were few and forgettable, as were places and events. There was no real desolation or comedy to it. It was dry and uninteresting. The internet tends to get this backward, that New Vegas was the better game for some technical reason(s). The internet is wrong by a long shot.

Earlier Fallout games and Planescape Torment were good too, but the tiny top-down graphics really were pretty blah to me. But I played them years after Fallout 3, many years after their day.

Skyrim was like a bigger and much worse New Vegas. Very little in way of character, place, and level development. It was an endless romp of nothing much, over and over, a dragon here, another village there. Books of lore littered everywhere because the game was never fully fleshed out. And the internet went ape shit over it. The internet was wrong again. But sales boomed.

Half Life was a good time for it’s day. But it was more of a crawler, without much in way of interesting characters.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day. A fully wet comedy game, fun for a romp. Controls were terrible from what I remember. Good dialogue throughout.

Grim Fandango was another good comedy game, and it had interesting characters and art. But it bugged out on me, so I never got to finish it. Bummer.

Risen had terrible ratings I remember from years ago, but it was a goody too. Not terribly interesting characters but just good game design and fun to play. Except the final boss. Out of left field you’re playing against a platformer style boss for the finale.

The Witcher 3 seemed like it took itself too serious to me. And the gameplay felt too laggy. I dropped out after maybe 10-15 hours.

I’m looking for something to dive into for a bit. Elden Ring looks possibly interesting, but it also looks like too much (bringing back bad memories of Skyrim). I saw something like 90 hours to completion. And I’m not seeing any signs of not taking itself too seriously, ala Fallout 3. It feels like a Skyrim or The Witcher 3 type.

What I have seen of CyberPunk 2077 looks like it is another massive AAA bore. I had hopes for that one when it was in development.

If you think otherwise on the last two, let me know.

Disco Elysium looks like it could be good if it were fleshed out into a 3D game with a bit of action. But if I want to read a book instead of play a game, I’ll do just that. And if I want to hear someone read one to me, I’ll go sit with the tots at the library. :smiley: I did play a few text-based games on command-line many years ago, but graphics and mechanics definitely do help to make a game more immersive.

Nothing dark and moody to recommend here. I play games the kids like, as well as X-Plane. Fortnite’s a good laugh if you don’t mind getting killed by 8 year olds over and over again until you get to grips with it. :slight_smile:

The Dolphin Emultator is great for firing up old Wii games like the Super Mario Galaxies, especially since the graphics are rendererd at whatever resolution you want instead of whatever the Wii was (except for cut scenes). Hidden gem: if you have a 3D TV or VR thing you can play games on Dolphin in 3D with the stereoscopic mode!

I’m going to go and check out Cemu for Wii-U emulation again, it’s been a couple of years I think…

If you get the hankering, Fallout 3 is a great one. It’s usually on sale for like $10 or less these days too.

I inadvertently corrupted my 8 year old nephew years ago with that one. His mom left him to say with me for the weekend, and I was playing Fallout 3 for a second round. He took over shortly into it and was never the same. :smiley:

:smiley: Yeah, that scene sounds quite familiar! I see there are good recent reviews for Fallout 3 on Steam. I’m under a bit of pressure (from adults for a change) to get Red Dead Redemption 2 which does look amazing so I’ll add Fallout 3 to the shortlist!

Yea Red 2 looks to be all the rage. I never played the original, it being confined to a console back then.

Me neither, it does look really good. Some of these games are getting enormous as well though, 100GB a pop, give or take.

My past favorites were FPS games. Mostly COD, Battlefield.

I’ve tried numerous games for mobile devices, but found I drifted back to a computer game, World of Warships.

Never was very good at any of them, but it kills a couple of hours.

The norm seems to be about 50gb. Red 2 is 150gb. Nuts. The windows install here was 50gb out of the box.

There are ninjas out there with those games. I tried to play Counter Strike GO multiplayer and it was just pointless playing it without putting some serious practice time in!

I never could stay interested in straight up fps, preferring something with interesting characters, story, and level design. Even way back in the SNES days I wasn’t into the platformers, finding rpg’s like Shadow Run.

I checked my old GOG account for anything possibly interesting. There are quite a few games in it that I never got to. I played a bit of Gothic II tonight, running on the igpu of the 6800H, no sweat, no significant extra heat to worry about. I never even noticed the fan kick on. For older games like this, there is no point running the dedicated gpu with the available igpu power. Anyway, Gothic II seems like it will be a good RPG, despite the dated graphics. The default controls are pretty questionable, but I started getting used to them after a bit of time.

I’m baffled why more laptop manufacturers haven’t used the Ryzen 6000 series. Good cpu power, good gpu power for an integrated gpu, and good battery life. Maybe AMD set the cost too high for these cpu’s to use them in more budget laptops. Whatever the case, it’s too bad, because this cpu with it’s gpu power could make for a nice budget light gaming laptop without a dedicated gpu.

I never played the original Gothic. Had a look on GOG and noticed that there is a remake in the works.

I just noticed that when using the search filters at GOG, Linux is now an option.

AntiMicroX looks handy for mapping an xbox 360 controller to keyboard/mouse controls. I had a license to another application for this years ago called Xpadder, but I suppose I lost the key. Any how, AntiMicroX is open source, free, and both Linux and Windows compatible.

Edit: After getting to grips with AntiMicroX, Gothic II is a ton better to play with an x-box controller than keyboard and mouse. There is still some lookaround buginess to deal with (in the game, not the controller mapping), but it’s tolerable.

I’m reminded here of Netflix featuring propaganda movies and docs.

Mentioned in the article:

That site is censored by the Great Firewall of Britain. Maybe that should be Hadrian’s Information Wall instead. <enables VPN>…

It’s a shame that this art form is being used like this. I wonder if the style of disinformation used by our intelligence agencies is covered.

Kingdom Come Deliverance looks good. Backstory is that it was released in 2018 with tons of bugs but a great rpg experience. It was patched up and updated, still living with some bugs, which is typical of great rpg’s for some reason. More recent reviews mark it up as one of the most immersive rpg’s ever made.

ProtonDB and Winehq also give it a gold rating, so it should be ok on linux.

Edit: Going for this one. Need something to test the dgpu on Windows and Linux anyway.

Yea, games sizes are nuts these days. A handful of games could easily eat up a large drive. If they keep going this way, maybe we’ll end up back to the cartidge days. A small’ish usb-C ssd with a game preinstalled. That could be much more tolerable than spending hours downloading and installing these huge games.