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Me and Syd almost derailed a thread about the “looks” of the PS5 that has just been unveiled.

Pistol Whip on Quest

Regarding the new console designs, I am a fan of minimalistic, zen like, utilitarian design. The PS5 looks very kitch, almost like you told abstract artist Salvador Dali to design a sci-fi looking product.

Interesting. To me it just looks like an iMac humped an Xbox 360.

Big Playstation fan here … since generation 1, 1995. I’m still on PS3, been thinking about upgrading to PS4, but now with PS5 announced, it might skip one generation.

This has to be my all time favorite game, ever since it was first released. (NFS was already great, but more arcade racing).

Escape Room type VR game.

One major thing to note about the Quest platform; the games are 1/2 - 1/3 price of AAA console/PC games, but the developers are so devoted that, for many games, you’ll get free levels/DLC for the next year or more.

Both Pistol Whip & I Expect You To Die have met this criteria. Well worth my support.