Get Back

Do you watch it? I saw the movie Let It Be a couple of times back in the day, since I’m a diehard fan. The best band in the world ever must get together and write and record an album in three weeks. The great tension seems to be between Harrison and McCartney. It’s obvious that Paul is the motor, the locomotive. It’s like he has to slow down for the others to hang along. Must have been an ungrateful position.

I’m going to watch it at some point. It looks pretty damn long.

The new Peter Jackson Get Back is the bomb.
I would say that cause me Beatle nut.
Not only does it show their process from shambling Idea to polished tune, it dispels a few things.
Yoko was a fun quiet lass not the voodoo band breaking priestess she was made out to be.
Twickenham was mainly a positive time, McCartney and Lennon got on like a house on fire.

Great to see Billy Preston absolutely nail it, he made a humungous difference to the band.

Highlight. The film makers planted a secret mic that recorded a deep n meaningful between Lennon and McCartney. It was so surreal listening to these giants of the sixties chinwag like a married couple

Sounds intriguing. Definitely going to watch it.