Gtr multi fx, about 50 or 60 bucks AU

Yep, I bought one and am liking it a LOT

Convenience, pretty good sound and not risking big $$$ from theft

You can dial in 3 ‘printed’ presets which are then switchable in the usual way by the 3 stomp switches on the unit. It’s possible to Bluetooth connect to your phone to run backing tracks. It’s rechargeable lithium battery via phone charger, 6 to 8 hours playing time off of a 2 hr charge, can use while charging…

I’ve got my live setup rehearsal [as opposed to the separate PA+ fx for live] using this thing through Reaper [no added gtr fx ] + mic through Reaper hosting Valhalla plate rvrb, and using h/phones [no neighbour disturbance] it sounds excellent. The gtr vol knob is important in many settings I’ve found, as it should be. I figure adding a cheapish wah pedal to this arrangement will create a broad enough spectrum of sounds for live play.

Looks like a good bit of inexpensive fun. I only listened on laptop speakers, but what I can hear of it the distortion character sounds very decent, and for that little of coin. If the tuner is good, it could take that spot on a pedal board with some extras included as backup effects or for an easier quick and dirty effects setup.

That does look really nice. I see you can apparently upload your own IRs into it as well. How’s the heavy distortion chugga chugga sounds?

Yeh it does those sounds too, theres 7 or 8 amp settings, then a separate gain control along with the IR options and a master volume.

There’s only 3 presets available at any one time but I figure it’s not real difficult to quickly alter a preset, save it, but then change it back , say if extra gain was needed on some power ballad track. It’s not quite as simple as dialling an increased or decreased parameter in preset mode; a double press on the two left side switches enters edit mode where all the parameter controls become active again, so after an alteration is made in that mode, a long press on one of the three switches saves that sound to that switch, then switch back to preset mode via the two left switch simultaneous press.

Sounds long winded but that entire sequence can be performed in about 3 seconds if the task is e.g simply to turn up the gain and/or add some chorus.

The tuner seems fairly good, it’s a 3 light system where the goal is to get it to hold on the centre light, I prefer the compass style metre but will probably use the onboard tuner for a quick fix between songs.

It looks tempting, I have an old Ibanez I never use so I could put one of those on the strap for an instant practice axe. Hmmm…

I’m seriously considering fixing it on the guitar itself behind the bridge, to enable quick dial, and then just operate the switches with the heel of the hand.

I’ve since bought the Getaria wireless gtr system for about $60 AU, worked fine out of the box.

No noise or latency, works great.

I use the fx pedal Bluetooth function to link net video playback into the h/phone mix with my gtr, the volume control of phone and pedal are separate which is easy to balance.

In effect you get to play along with the band in a ‘perfect’ mix environment, a good motivational tool.

E.g I’d learned ‘Girls Talk’ but needed to refine it a bit, the arrangement is deceptively complex [Check out the excellent 2008 New Years Eve performance of Dave Edmunds with the Jools Holland Band] - which is the version I play along with.