Good card games to play with the missus

We couldn’t find the Monopoly Deal cards so I found some of my old Canasta cards and we decided to try Ps and As. Couldn’t really remember the rules and it’s boring with just 2 people.

Canasta is too involved at this point cause I’m slightly pissed.
What’s a good card game to play?
Show me ol great ones, so wise and attractive :slight_smile:

Strip poker, obviously. Or strip snap if you’re in a hurry. :smiley:

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Snookoda took my line. But I guess it was the obvious choice.

Rummy is ok and doesn’t require sobriety. Rummy (Rum)– Card Game Rules | Bicycle Playing Cards

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There is that game called “cheat” but it’s usually not played with the missus, not one’s own anyway…

There’s Euchre which is a good 4 handed [two teams of two] trick taking game but can also be played between two players.

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Not a card game but stratego is always fun. Haven’t played it in decades, fond memories.

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Rummy, I forgot about that.
Awesome game

Maybe I should have stayed home and played cards last night. It turned into the jokers vs. the jacks anyway.