Got a bug in my computer monitor.

I mean a real bug!!!


It was crawling across the screen, so I squished it. Turns out it was in the screen itself. Damn.

Now I have to decide if I want to take the monitor apart or just buy another one.

He he, those tropical bugs get everywhere!

It sounds like you are chewing over the idea of an upgrade if there’s a 50/50 going on there. If it helps I got a 4K 32" curved OLED doo dah with one of those automatic standing desks the other month which is nice. I was going to go for a 34" widescreen thing but the 32" has more screen estate.

I’ve got a feeling I’d spend a lot less time taking the monitor apart than sifting through all the specs of what’s out there now in the way of monitors.

I don’t really need anything high end. I don’t do anything on this computer that requires a lot of bells and whistles.

Besides, I’ve got my truck in the shop for some paint work so my budget is pretty shot here in the short term.

That’s a good way of looking at things, I spend forever deciding on whether to buy something and then when that decision is made it’s another forever deciding on exactly what one to buy. Fixing bypasses all of that.

We’re suppose to get a lot of rain today, so it might be good day to sit inside and tinker with it.

Who knows, I could end up frying the damn thing and then that would make my decision pretty much academic. :grinning:

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Messed around with taking the monitor apart. Too much trouble.

Guess I’ll just live with it for awhile, buy a new monitor down the road.