GPU passthrough with KVM

Here’s a timely video about this from Sir Sudo:

Looks useful if you have to run some application that requires Windows and heavy gpu (I can’t think of much these days).

Unfortunately I got excited too soon as well, turns out that the dgpu needs to use a separate video out, so useless for wanting to use it on a laptop on the laptop screen. I was just thinking about running games without having to reboot.

I assume you know about Proton/Steam Play. Are the games you’re running not supported?

And yea, it is lame to me that the dgpu in too many laptops is tied to an output.

It makes sense that the VM needs to send output somewhere and without a special driver to loop it back to the host GPU that needs to be outside. Maybe there’s a way still.

A couple of games are on Steam, I moved onto X-Plane from MS Flight Sim because it has a Linux version. Running in Linux with the dgpu running Windows in a VM would be perfect.

It seems crazy that video output should have to be routed through both gpu’s for a VM, but that is even the case for some laptops without a VM. I thought a mux switch was supposed to prevent that.

I would like to see a diagram or two of how things are routed, with and without a mux switch.

Edit: Will look at this later.

On Nvidia Optimus and MUX Switch. In this article, I will be describing… | by Enming Yang | Medium

The diagrams here better explain how a mux switch plays into things:

Will look later for a good explanation of how a vm plays into this.