Happy Martin Luther King Day

Today we celebrate the legacy of Dr. King, a civil rights leader.

Decades after his death, racism and bigotry in America is alive and well. For evidence, look no further than the past 4 years of Trump administration, what happened last week at the Capitol, or even just this forum, where you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

A lot of black guys died in Vietnam just like you insist Trump should have.

I never insisted Trump should have died in Vietnam. You are projecting (google the term).

Today is not about Trump, it’s about Dr. King.

I’ll rephrase it. A lot of black guys died in Vietnam just like you insist Trump should have run the risk of, despite your acknowledgment that the Vietnam war can’t be justified.

That’s your logic right there. A logic on par with someone claiming to be just following orders in a scenario they’re morally opposed to.

MLK, great guy. It’s a shame his legacy is being pissed on by intersectionalists and their blind followers.

What’s actually a shame is that you guys can’t appreciate black leaders until AFTER you’ve killed them.

Only one of us follows a racist, sexist ideology and it’s not me. Will you be goosestepping and putting on a little moustache as you watch the bombs reign down on brown people, ordered by your KKK-mentored new “president”?

It’s a shame that people have been banned at the Reaper forum for posting stuff that’s way less an insulting and offensive red herring as that.


Ssshhh, this is KennyTheSJW unifying as one of the enlightened… this is peak unity! Feel those warm, healing words - underpinned by a wisdom us unwashed must ascend to fully understand - wash over us, spontaneously combusting joss sticks as they pass on through the ether.