Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all the Reaperites here!

Leaving one sketchy year behind, again…

Will 2022 be even sketchier??




Cheers Bevo, must be time for a beer, haven’t had one all year.

lol I haven’t had a beer since NY last year either

So we had some Heinekens and shots of Jamieson whiskey tonight
and tomorrow night, maybe the next night too haha

Then back to our sober existence

Happy NY, time travellers!! :smiley:

2022 is going to be interesting!


Happy New Year!
2022 good so far, minimal hangover

Best wishes for new year you guys, ought to be interesting as Snook said.

We’ll no doubt this year get to see how much integrity remains in our legal systems…

Happy New Year a late day in you all’s part of the world.

I’m just about to start another night :smiley:

Happy new year all!

Happy new year all.