Hey Bevoss (amp stuff)

I have been jacking around with my DSL 50 today and got it sounding very super-reverb-ee, to the point that I bet it could fool a whole lot of ears. Whatever amp you are using must already be capable of putting out alot presence / highs (speakers too) and not gainy at all. The classic channel on my DSL with the gain all the way up compresses nicely for clean when cranked up (attenuated alot) with just a hint of breakup when using a low output strat neck pickup. So the base sound is essentially clean, compressed and round, with good highs. Not a hard sounding clean at all. Starting from that, I roll the bass all the way down on the amp which ends up sounding like a pretty well balanced compressing clean. Then I’m boosting a ton with the input and output gain of a graphic eq while cutting alot of lows and bumping the mids up. If I had figured this out before I might not have even been tempted to get a super reverb. Maybe useful, maybe not.

I’d love a vintage Super Reverb, but they start at 5K here, IF you can find one
I’ll probably just try and find a good kemper profile of it, there’s a few out there
Thanks for the eq tip

In other news that Pegasus pedal you put me onto is great for an always-on pedal into my clean channel
Zero gain, tone at 12 o’clock and output from 12 to full just makes the amp sound bigger
The tone control is a sleeper, both ways usable but sounds great fully off for a faux archtop sound
It’s quiet too, the switch doesn’t pop
I love it when budget gear exceeds your expectations
It doesn’t sound that good into my slightly dirty channel though, not yet anyways

I like the Caline analog pedals that I have bought. They seem to do what they are supposed to, are well constructed (through hole), and are inexpensive. All that together is pretty hard to beat. I wish someone would do the same with guitar amps. I have a Caliine power supply too, and it seems good for analog pedals at least (I don’t have any digital pedals).

On the Pegasus, it sounds like you are essentially using it as a boost, but of course it adds it’s own frequency shaping to the output. I wish Caline would produce a clean boost with a parametric low, mid, and high tone stack. Actually, I don’t know if anyone is doing that. The closest I have found to that so far is a graphic eq, and I’m using a Caline 10-band version. I have had some interesting results using it with my amps both boosting the front end and boosting in the effects loop. I think I will pick up another one so that I can play with simultaneous amounts of boosting and frequency shaping at the front end and in the loop where both give different results.