I think everything is done now

Yeah the default discourse theme does that I think.
If you go to “interface” in your preferences, you can pick another theme.

I’ll try adding the theme chooser sometime soon


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Who else are we missing?


Done again.

A pity we can’t search the old lounge…

Hey Bevoss, try the hamburger menu.
You should be able to change themes

The Dark theme only darkens a couple of things, Vincent is much better for that
Its Minima or Vincent I think, the rest didn’t do much

Can’t find it Bevoss.
But I’ll google it

Ahh yer.
When you use those other themes it shows the icons of the first poster and the most recent poster

I’m using Vincent now, it’s all good. A bit of an upgrade from the old Reaper lounge :smiley:

Great to hear

I set mine to dark theme. Quite nice and easier on the eyes.

I’m cool with some Syd action. :pray::person_fencing::heart:

Top line … :smirk::kiss::kiss:.

New lounge theme on offer from hamburger menu

Minima - Dark

I think “Vincent” is the most swishy, I think it - or something not the initial default - should be the default.

Right on.
That’s two calls for “Vincent”
Might be time to test the Poll thingy and get a consensus.

A pretend election :gorilla:

  • Minima
  • Minima - Dark
  • Vanilla White
  • Vanilla Dark
  • Vincent
  • Graceful
  • Sams Simple
  • Material(yuk) :slight_smile:
  • Neutral

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Notice the blatant undemocratic bias against “Material”

I voted Vincent cause it’s swish , but also it’s the only theme that is dark on Chrome on my pc. I just tested Dark and Dark Minima on Firefox, both work well there and are quite nice, but they have white backgrounds on Chrome, some kinda bug there.

Another Chrome bug, jeez louise
I will have a bit of time over easter to see if there’s anything I can do about it.

Hey the forum’s a week old!!!

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I might have found Xite on gearslutz. Left a PM